Princesses and Corobo Artwork

In Little King's Story, Corobo saves a Princess after each king he defeats.

Little King's Story

Princess Apricot: Saved from the Onii King. Apricot is a sweet strawberry blonde who has a passion for traveling to other places, and a strong belief in avoiding conflict and violence. 

Princess Bouquet: Saved from her father, the drunk King Duvroc. Bouquet is a smart princess who uses mathematical equations to express herself.

Princess Spumoni: Saved from her ex-spouse, the obese King Shishkebaboo. Spumoni is a friendly connoisseur of foods.

Princess Shizuka: Saved from the riddling King Omelet, whom she worked with to protect the Diamond Egg. She is a strange and quiet princess who sees the world in "colors", and communicates with aliens.

Princess Kokomo: Saved from her brother, the snazzy King TV Dinnah. Kokomo is a talented singer, with a valley-girl pattern of speech.

Princess Ferne: Saved from her stalker, the "tall" King Long Sauvage. Ferne is the most conventionally attractive of the seven, and has an obsession with jewelry and romance.

Princess Martel: Saved from the chaotic King Jumbo Champloon. Martel is the most competitive and loves breaking existing records, as well as racing around in her car, the Red Stallion.

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