Princess Medal
Ferne Branca
Princess Medal
Princess Ferne
In-game portrait of Princess Ferne
Sex Female
Located Tiptoe Kingdom
Job Princess
Freed From Long Sauvage
Special Quest Kingstone Jewels
"I want to collect the world's gems, I'll make it worth your while!"
— Princess Ferne Branca

Princess Ferne Branca (フェルネ・ブランカ姫 Ferune Buranka Hime) is the princess that King Corobo saves after defeating Long Sauvage. She is one of the princesses that Corobo can marry during the game.

Ferne is a conventionally sexy woman, with a passion for romance and vanity. Her special quest for Corobo to find the Kingstone Jewels.


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Official Website (Japanese)

Being one of the sexiest princesses, her cleavage is known to cause many men to get into accidents. The slit in Ferne's dress exposes her long legs as she walks. Ferne's trademark is a bewitching purple rose and her hobby is jewelry.

Official Guidebook (Japanese)

Where's that tall, bearded weirdo? Hhhmmmmm... Ooh, you are a king! My name is Ferne, the pleasure is mines. Are you willing to collect gems for me, my King? If you can collect them all, I might do something for you.


Ferne has her long, wavy red hair shaped like thorns. She has blue eyes and wears purple eyeshadow. Ferne has a silver crown in the shape of a rose and has one gold bangle on each wrist. She is wearing a long brown dress which accentuates her cleavage over nude stockings and black shoes. She can be seen carrying a purple rose.


Ferne Branca is named after the Italian drink, Fernet-Branca, made from a number of herbs and spices.

Name Meaning
Japanese フェルネ・ブランカ姫 Princess Felne Blanca
English Princess Ferne Princess Ferne
French Princesse Féléna Princess Féléna
Italian Principessa Ferne Princess Ferne
German Prinzessin Infernale Princess Infernal
Spanish Princesa Ferni Princess Ferni


  • In the end credits, Ferne dreams of being a teacher.


Part 29

Part 29. Princess Ferne is saved

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