Princess Kokomo Pine
Kokomo (Vita)
Artwork of Princess Kokomo Pine from New Little King's Story
Appearances Little King's Story
New Little King's Story
Freed From TV Dinnah (LKS)
Special Quest Humming (LKS)
Voice Actor Haruko Momoi (NLKS)

Princess Kokomo Pine (ココモパイン姫 Kokomo Pain Hime, Princess Cocomo Pine) is one of the princesses that King Corobo can marry.


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Little King's Story

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Princess Kokomo

Portrait of Princess Kokomo Pine from Little King's Story

Princess Kokomo Pine is the fifth princess that Corobo will save. You can free her by smashing the vase she is trapped inside after defeating TV Dinnah in Primetime Kingdom. Kokomo Pine is into pop culture and speaks like a valley girl. Her special quest for Corobo is to find the Songs the people are humming and record them for her.

New Little King's Story

Main article: Princess Kokomo (New Little King's Story)

Princess Kokomo is the national idol princess who is bright and cheerful. Haruko Momoi will be singing the featured song, "Sparkling * Kokomotion".


Kokomo Pine is named after the mixed drink, cocomo pineapple, made from coconuts and pineapple.

Name Meaning
Japanese ココモパイン姫 Princess Cocomo Pine
English Princess Kokomo Pine Princess Kokomo Pine
French Princesse Coccinelle Princess Ladybug
Italian Principessa Cocomopyne Princess Cocomopyne
German Prinzessin Kokomo Princess Kokomo
Spanish Princesa Cocopiña Princess Coconut-Pineapple

The Japanese, Italian, and Spanish versions kept the "coconut" spelling intact in her given name. However, the English and German versions changed her spelling of her given name to make a reference to The Beach Boys' single "Kokomo" about two lovers taking a trip to the fictional Caribbean island called Kokomo.

Her name in the French version may be a homage to Coccinelle, a French transsexual actress and entertainer.