Princess Medal
Princess Martel Daisy
Princess Medal
Princess Martel
In-game portrait of Princess Martel
Sex Female
Located New Island
Job Princess
Freed From Jumbo Champloon
Special Quest Breaking Records
"It's good weather for driving today. Accelerate full throttle! ♪ Vroom vroom!"
— Princess Martel Daisy

Princess Martel Daisy (マーテルデイジー姫 Māteru Deiji Hime) is the princess that King Corobo saves after defeating Jumbo Champloon. She is one of the princesses that Corobo can marry during the game.

Martel is very competitive and loves breaking world records. Her special quest for Corobo is to break all of the records in her book.


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Official Website (Japanese)

An adorable princess who makes the sound of a car horn whenever she's happy or sad. Honk honk! She is always riding in her cute car, the Red Stallion. (Note: She's actually an adult!)

Official Guidebook (Japanese)

Vroom vroom! Where am I? We can go driving or play in the sandbox... I'm not sure what else... Oh, Kingie-poo, wanna set some records for me? I know you can beat them all! (Note: I'm an adult!)


Martel is very short and loves to ride in her toy red car, the Red Stallion. She has purple hair and brown eyes, her hair is put into buns with two strawberry clips. Martel is wearing a blue sleeveless dress with a white strapped strawberry purse slung around her shoulder.


Martel Daisy is named after the mixed drink, martell daisy, made from martell (a cognac) and brandy.

Name Meaning
Japanese マーテルデイジー姫 Princess Martell Daisy
English Princess Martel Daisy Princess Martel Daisy
French Princesse Martelle Princess Martelle
Italian Principessa Martel Princess Martel
German Prinzessin Martelle Princess Martelle
Spanish Princesa Pochi Princess Little


  • Despite her toddler-like appearance, Martel is actual older than she looks. Her Japanese profile specifically states she's an adult.
  • Martel's toy red car is called the Red Stallion. In the Japanese version, it is called the あかうま号 (Aka Uma Gō, Red Horse Edition).
  • In the Japanese version, according to the Martel Ranking 1 and 2, Martell gives Apricot the nickname, あぷりこ (Apuriko, Aprico).
  • Martel is obsessed with strawberries. Her horn is in the shape of a strawberry, she has strawberry clips in her hair, her purse is of a strawberry, her door in the Princess Manor is decorated with strawberries, her stamp is of a strawberry, and her pillow and bedsheets are decorated with strawberries. Martel also likes to keep strawberry ice cream in the trunk of her car.
  • Martel's stamp is actually a strawberry sticker.
  • Martel appears to be shallow as her ranking system usually gives physical appearance as an explanation for her reasons.
  • In the Records Book Martel is shown with legs.
  • At the end of the story, if Martel is chosen to go to the World of God, her car will disappear once she is taken away by the Final Boss.


Part 33

Part 33. Princess Martel

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