Princess Medal
Princess Shizuka Moroboshi
Princess Medal
Princess Shizuka
Portrait of Princess Shizuka
Sex Female
Located Worrywart Kingdom
Job Princess
Freed From King Omelet
Special Quest Missing Animals
" I? Who...are you? The child...what planet are they from?"
— Princess Shizuka Moroboshi

Princess Shizuka Moroboshi (諸星シズカ姫 Moroboshi Shizuka Hime, Princess Shizuka Moroboshi) is the fourth princess that King Corobo will save. You can free her by smashing the vase she is trapped inside after defeating King Omelet. She is one of the princesses that Corobo can marry during the game.

Shizuka can be seen carrying a large, mysterious egg and is able to communicate with "aliens." She gets abducted but later comes back. Her special quest for Corobo is to find the missing animals and she is also a part of a quest that requires Corobo to find the parts of the flying machine.


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Official Website (Japanese)

Shizuka is an exotic high-school student who was abducted by an UFO in the past. She mutters about mysterious events while looking at the sky at a 40 degree angle. Always holding onto a mysterious egg, Shizuka will never part with it.

Official Guidebook (Japanese)

I am...Shizuka. A worried country...and I too worry... It seems...I'm confined in this vase. A strange dream... Silver saucers... Taking away...the animals... ...Why? My king... We really need to talk.


Shizuka has long black hair parted into two long ponytails and wearing a white headband. She has violet eyes and has a mole below her right eye. She is always carrying a mysterious egg called the Diamond Egg. Shizuka is wearing a summer version of a Japanese schoolgirl uniform consisting of a white shirt with a navy sailor-suited collar and skirt.

New Little King's Story

Like her original counterpart, Shizuka gives the appearance of a Japanese schoolgirl in summer clothing. She is even seen holding a schoolbag. However, she denies ever being a princess in the first place, claiming that she came from a different world(a fact which everyone else appears to dismiss as her wonderous imagination). She also appears to have a close relationship to animals, which matches her special ability to recruit animals and some enemies, similar to how the king recruits the royal guard.


Shizuka's given name is named after the term, shizuku (雫 shizuku, drip), a drip-pressed technique used in sake. There is a sake called Ginga Shizuku (銀河雫 Ginga Shizuku, Divine Droplets), which you can read 銀河 (ginga) as "Milky Way; galaxy" which reflects Shizuka's fascination with outer space. Shizuka is also a female given name in Japan, written as 静 (calm), 静花 (calm flower), or 静香 (calm fragrance).

To be consistent with her outer space theme, Shizuka's surname, 諸星 (Moroboshi), is a Japanese surname meaning "many stars".

Name Meaning Literal Translation
Japanese 諸星シズカ姫 Princess Shizuka Moroboshi
English Princess Shizuka Moroboshi Princess Shizuka Moroboshi
French Princesse Shizuka Stellair Princess Shizuka Stellar
Italian Principessa Shizuka Princess Shizuka
German Prinzessin Shizuka der Sterne Princess Shizuka of the Stars
Spanish Princesa Paz Princess Peace


  • According to her grade in high school, Shizuka is about 16 to 17 years old.
  • The Ganymedien giant, Callistan paramecium, and Europan ichthyoid are derived from three of the largest moons (Ganymede, Callisto, Europa) on Jupiter.
  • Shizuka sometimes will see visions of the world beyond such as Big Corobo and the Rats which she describes them as "Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray." She then gets a headache afterward.
  • Spumoni mentions that Shizuka has a strange laptop that says "DON'T PANIC" written all over it. This is a reference to the an encyclopedia on all of the creatures and worlds in the galaxy (and some stuff on towels!) from the novel, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams.
  • If spoken to repeatedly, Shizuka will mention her surname, her hometown, and what grade she's in. She also remembers waking up in the morning, having breakfast, getting on the bus, pushing someone out of her seat, then speaking to a man in black, arriving in Hollywood, and then being abducted by aliens. These many details suggest she was based on someone Corobo knew in real life.
  • Shizuka's school background is different depending on the version. All versions mention her being a second year student at a Senior High School. In the Japanese version, Shizuka attends Nishi-Shinjuku Tsukudani Academy (西新宿ツクダニ学園 Nishi-Shinjuku Tsukudani Gakuen) in Shinjuku, Japan. In the English version, Shizuka attends Ridgemont High School in Santa Monica, California. In the German version, Shizuka attends Mozart Gymnasium in Berlin, Germany. In the Spanish version, Shizuka attends the School of the Stars (Colegio de la Estrella). Her school's attendance number, 16, is only mentioned in the Japanese, Italian, and Spanish versions.



Part 21

Part 21. Princess Shizuka is saved

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