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Public Broadcast Tower
The Public Broadcast Tower
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The Public Broadcast Tower is a structure at the center of the Primetime Kingdom, and the arena for the fight against King TV Dinnah.


The Public Broadcast Tower's first appearance is through the Watchtower, where its pylon-like structure atop the Tower is visible.

Corobo first encounters the Tower via the Screw-Loose Isles upon arriving in the Primetime Kingdom. There, it is shown to be a static TV screen held up by metal beams, towering above a map of the Earth, with Broadcasters sat at various countries to deliver trivia on their chosen country's culture and television, even mentioning specific real-life TV stations like the BBC. A billboard is propped up against the base of tower, which invites Corobo into the battle against TV Dinnah.

During TV Dinnah's battle, clips of programmes related to the theme of the fight will be shown on the Tower's screen. For example, during the Baby Channel's punishment, a baby will be shown crying on the screen.

After TV DInnah is defeated, he appears to be trapped inside the screen on the Tower, if examined by Corobo upon his return to the Primetime Kingdom.

TV Dinnah in tower

TV Dinnah in the Public Broadcast Tower

The fifth Flying Machine part involves the Public Broadcast Tower. Once the God TV quest is accepted, the screen will begin to glow, and examining it will absorb Corobo and his Royal Guard, in a similar manner to how Corobo entered the Kingdom upon during his first visit. This will take Corobo and his guard to an island in the Screw-Loose Isles with a hole containing the Flying Machine part. This function of the Tower will become deactivated after this quest is complete.

The Public Broadcast Tower also appears during the Huge Earthquake cutscene, where TV Dinnah broadcasts the earthquake from the Tower, and shows how the earthquake is shaking the tower's structure.

The Public Broadcast Tower is the symbol for the Primetime Kingdom on the World Map.

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The final mention of the Public Broadcast Tower is during the fourth phase of the Final Boss fight, where the Tower can have a UFO crash into it once the end of the world reaches 30%.

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  • Every Kingdom has at least one Art piece appear in the Kingdom Center where the respective king was fought if Corobo returns after that king has been defeated. However, an Art piece will appear in TV Dinnah's arena as soon as the battle is over, able to be collected before saving the princess. This is the only Art piece found in a Kingdom Center to do this.


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