Life 19
Location Red Turnip Forest
UMA Book Description Turns the people it eats into headgear.

Radeeze is an UMA which resembles a radish, and is closely related to the Turniphead. The Radeeze also appears as a Guardian defending the Red Turnip Forest.


Attack Name Description
Single bite Melee
Multibite Charge Runs forward while biting, ends in a jumping bite

Guardian Battle

During the Deadly Red Turnip Rumor quest, the Radeeze Guardian stands in the centre of its field. It will move around to attack, but will drift back to the centre and replant itself in the ground if idle or if Corobo moves too far away. It will rise from the ground again when approached, and will be vulnerable during the rising animation.

The Guardian Radeeze is the only enemy with the Turnip-fied Status Effect, which both of its attacks have. This effect instantly kills citizens, and turns them into either a regular Radeeze or a Turniphead.

Attack Effect Description
Turnip-fying Multibite Charge, Turnip-fied Similar to regular Radeeze, bigger hitbox
Turnip-fying Afterimage Bites Melee, Turnip-fied Only used when on half health, performs a series of bites on the spot, creates afterimages



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