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Rainbow Wizard
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Rainbow Wizard
Skills Turning UMA into trees or rocks
"Oh, THESE guys... They say they can use magic, but it sounds dodgy to me. Rumor has it that they can turn UMA into harmless rocks instantly. Pair them up with miners or lumberjacks and you're set. But of course there's a catch. There's a limit to how many times you can cast spells. They're also too weak to help clear away rocks or trees. And on a personal note, magical girls are a 100 times... Wait, did I say that out loud?"
— Liam

The Rainbow Wizard is one of three special Jobs in Little King's Story. The Rainbow Wizard appears in Magical Land after defeating all seven rival kings. The Magical Land Kingdom Plan must be purchased, and then visited at night. Corobo will be informed of the Wizard's presence through a rumour delivered to his throne by a Carefree Adult.


The Rainbow Wizard is able to dig and aid construction. The main gimmick behind the Wizard is the ability to cast spells. When targeting a UMA, the Wizard will stand a distance away and wave their staff, turning the UMA to either stone or wood, at random. This effect is only temporary, and is limited to an ammo count of 20, which can only be replenished by returning to the Kingdom. Once the spell ammo is depleted, the Wizard will attack UMA with their staff.

Any citizens currently attacking the UMA will continue their rate of attack as normal after the spell is cast, but any citizens targeting the UMA after the spell has been cast will take the wood or stone effect into account. For example, Soldiers currently clinging to an UMA will continue to cling onto it after the spell, but Soldiers commanded towards the UMA after the spell will attack it as if it is a log or a rock.

The main strategy when using the Wizard is to transform the UMA, then use either Buff Lumberjacks or Ripped Miners to attack it while the UMA is under the effect of the spell.


  • Liam's chalkboard drawing shows a Wizard with an ammo count of 32, despite the Wizard's spells being capped at 20.


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