Reborn Dragon
Reborn Dragon
Reborn Dragon
Life 100
Location Jolly Kingdom
UMA Book Description The legendary frost-breathing UMA.

The Reborn Dragon (リボーンドラゴン, Ribōndoragon) is a dragon UMA who has been brought back to life. There is only one in the entire game. It resides in the Skull Plains inside a birdcage, on the path to Mt. Sobamanjaro. To get to it, Corobo must destroy a bone wall that covers a hole in part of the cage. After you defeat the Reborn Dragon it comes back to life and attacks you once again. To fully defeat it without it coming back to life you must defeat it three times or use a rainbow wizard and defeat it in its stone or wooden form, at which point it drops a black cloak.


The Reborn Dragon has several attacks. It has a basic fire breath attack that ignites your soldiers, an ice breath attack that freezes your troops in place, and purple breath that stuns them. If you are inside the cage, it may try to do a tail swipe or charge at you. The tail swipe isn't an instant kill like the other dragons' tail swipes, but in the small cage it is difficult to dodge. It also likes to freeze or stun your troops when they are outside of the cage and then use fire breath. This will do a very large amount of damage, so try not to let any soldiers get hit even once. To defeat it, simply send your soldiers into the cage to attack it and call them back when the Reborn Dragon does a tail swipe to you, which can do some damage if you allow your troops to be hit. Don't worry if it does a charge, it won't be able to reach you from the inside of the birdcage.


The Reborn Dragon is exactly what its name implies: it is a living dragon skeleton.

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