Most of these items can be found when defeating UMAs. When a UMA drops food it will give a general idea what it is (ex. Sweets) but once Corobo sits on his throne the identity of the food will be revealed. No one except Princess Spumoni and King Jumbo Champloon have been seen eating.

Gourmet Book entries

# 1 Candy Drop

Candy Drop

It'll melt in your mouth, but not in any appendage attached to your wrists. Bite down however, and a nasty surprise awaits.

Location: Onii

# 2 Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar

Handmade chocolate made in France. It's delicious, but you'll never exactly what you'll get. Popular with chocolate snobs.

Location: Pots around Alpoko

# 3 Jojoyaki


Looks like a dude with hamburger patty hair and it'll get angry when teased. Reverts things to normal.


# 4 Draw Dumpling

Draw Dumpling

From Argentina, it has a long history. Made from rice, sugar, hot water, then baked. It is best eaten quickly with a loved one.


# 5 God Bun

God Bun

A very expensive sweet. Call its name when you're in trouble and it'll come down from space to defeat even the strongest monsters.


# 6 Boiled Egg

Boiled Egg

An egg boiled in hot water. Old ones tend to insist on ceremony and ask that you call them 'Sir.'


# 7 Cheese Omelet

Cheese Omelet

Mix eggs, veggies, and cheese together. Pour into a fry pan and cook 'til done. The favorite recipe of an ex-Navy Seal who never loses in the kitchen.


# 8 Giant Egg

Giant Egg

Large egg of a large bird. Be forewarned, though. Eating one of these will cause full renal shut-down, so have medics on the stand-by.


# 9 Golden Egg

Golden Egg

An egg made of gold...maybe. Cracking it open'll immediately cause it to turn into lead. It does look like gold, so display it to impress visitors!


# 10 Happiness Egg

Happiness Egg

It will grant one single wish, provided its rubbed with the toupee of a sci-fi hero soaked in dehydrated water. In other words, fat chance...


# 11 California Roll

California Roll

Sushi for those who find the thought of eating raw fish makes their tummy do the lambda. Be careful, though. The wasabi packs a wallop!


# 12 White Tangerine

White Tangerine

Looks like a regular tangerine, but tastes like teen spirit. While it does make a tasty snack, it's definitely a food that fights back.


# 13 Aikido Fish

Aikido Fish

Knows karate and is able to fight off kids that try to catch it. Makes great sushi, especially if you deep-fry it first.


# 14 Dried Fish

Dried Fish

A delicious fish, but that's not important now. It is said if you get a taste of your first catch, your success is assured!


# 15 Wanda Fish

Wanda Fish

An expensive fish that's unimaginably tasty. Boil it, grill it or just eat it raw. The only drawback is that it's immune to seasonings.


# 16 Slig Meat

Slig Meat

It's definitely meat! What kind of meat is the mystery. Doesn't taste half-bad. Most people only eat it as a last resort. To put your mind at ease, it's actually from a...


# 17 Dolly Meat

Dolly Meat

A piece of nasty meat. Stew it with vegetables until it becomes edible, or put it in a curry so spicy that it'll numb your face.


Dark Valley near the Parasol kill the Ivonne at midnight.

# 18 Charlie Beef

Charlie Beef

The best meat Bol can buy. Comes from hatefully pampered cows. Given its cost, plebeians such as yourself will never, ever get to try it.


# 19 Rodeo Meat

Rodeo Meat

Meat from a scary, cow-like UMA. Tastes incredible. Some of the more rabid foodies are demanding that all the cows in the kingdom be turned into UMA.


# 20 Kool Meat

Kool Meat

Weirdly compelling bit of meat. Way too cool for its own good, especially considering how bad it tastes.


# 21 Mackaye Meat

Mackaye Meat

The meat from the black sheep of the fami...err...flock. It's fairly rare, but sometimes you'll get lucky enough to find it.


# 22 Fried Meat

Fried Meat

Meat that looks like it's been been dipped in batter and fried, but hasn't. People who eat it as is usually get horrible bellyaches.


# 23 Stinky Meat

Stinky Meat

Ah, the meat of the mighty dragon. Smells like sulfur, tastes like...sulfur. Mainly for the obscenely rich. Said to cure all illnesses.


# 24 Beefy Beef

Beefy Beef

The meat from the majestic wild Guernsey. You can get this tasty meat at a great price... Just kidding. It's painfully expensive.


# 25 Crazy Meat

Crazy Meat

It's juicy and tender like the finest tenderloin. But, be careful when eating it, as it causes near terminal apathy... Like I care...


# 26 Mushy


Fungus that grows well in damp places. Delicious and is tasty in stews. However, it tends to cause severe melancholy... sigh...


# 27 Mushssie


Fungus that grows on red pines. It gives those who eats it a serious hero complex; be prepared to rescue little Timmy from the well.


# 28 Mushclose


It's not poisonous and tastes good when cooked. Makes you obsessive; you will start over-analyzing things until you turn into a mushroom.


# 29 Rock Mushroom

Rock Mushroom

Looks like an average fungus, but prepare for a beat down should you try to harvest it without being polite, so mind your manners.


# 30 Nail Mushroom

Nail Mushroom

Eating this will put a spring in your step. Also, you will work far harder than you thought possible. For the the effects to last , you have to eat it regularly.


# 31 Regular Turnip

Regular Turnip

Ah, pickled turnip! Is there no better food? Truly a taste-treat sensation! No, really! Oh, keep in mind not all turnips are plants...


# 32 Rash Turnip

Rash Turnip

The steamed flesh of the legendary UMA. Turnipa...Not buying it, huh? It's good eating, regardless. Oh, did I tell you that not all turnips are plants?


# 33 Big Boss Turnip

Big Boss Turnip

An expensive veggie that's know as the king of turnips. Eat it to unleash weird hormones into your body. Eat it too much and you're in for a nasty surprise!


# 34 Creed Turnip

Creed Turnip

An average turnip in every respect. It is neither fair nor foul but is simply...a turnip. People don't like it, but it makes its way into everything.


# 35 Golden Turnip

Golden Turnip

A gold shining turnip. It is so shiny it looks fake, and smell like wet dog. That's why it's not that valuable, but go ahead and pickle it.


# 36 Allez Seaweed

Allez Seaweed

Seaweed that can change its flavor. Spread chocolate on it and it'll taste like chocolate cake. This is all hearsay as no one is brave enough to try it.


# 37 Roasted Clam

Roasted Clam

It's a large clam that is full of spite. It turns over while you're roasting it and spills its juices onto the fire, ruining the flavor.

Location: Pots around Alpoko

# 38 Big Seaweed

Big Seaweed

Normally not very outgoing, but put it under or over a fire and it'll dance as if its life depended on it!



# 39 Maybe Crab

Maybe Crab

Forget king crab, this is better! The lucky few who've had this awesome treat swear it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you'll never know...


# 40 Day-After Fish

Day-After Fish

A dual-shelled shellfish that looks like and abalone. It's really delicious, but it apologizes and runs away when you try to eat it.


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