There are various Records that Corobo can break. These records are part of Princess Martel's special quest. There are a total of 9 records with rankings from 1 star to 3 stars.


All the descriptions are for when Corobo achieves a 3 star ranking.

# 1 Citizen Count

Citizen Count

You've gathered 100 citizens! Talk about a thundering herd!

# 2 Bol Saved

Bol Saved

The amount of Bol you saved is 180000,000 Bol Wow! You're rich!

# 3 Kingdom Plan

Kingdom Plan Record

The number of plans you put into action is 50! It's such a huge kingdom now!

# 4 Jobs Found

Jobs Found

You have found 20/20 jobs! Hooray! Mission Complete!

# 5 Steps Taken

Steps Taken

The number of steps taken is 125000! Are you trying to top Cain?

# 6 UMA Beaten

UMA Beaten

You've defeated 500 UMA! Aren't you the bloodthirsty one!

# 7 Arms Found

Arms Found

Number of weapons you found is 20! Oh wow! How'd you find so many?!

# 8 Armor Found

Armor Found

Number of armor found is 18! Wow, you're pretty awesome!

# 9 Secret!


You smooched me 20 times! Martel really love you, Kingie-poo!

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