Red Rat
Red Rat
Artwork of the Red Rat
Location World of God

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Red Rat is one of the rats commanded by the Rat King, It is first seen messing Corobo's box theater and being chased away along with the other rats. This rat is also seen in the little king's castle acting more behaved and following the Rat King. Its last appearance is as the third-to-final part of the final boss, and in the second-to-last part as well.


The Red Rat seems to be the most aggressive of the rats. This is backed up by the Rat King calling his followers to battle, instead of fighting himself, for the first four parts. This rat, like the name suggests, is like the other rats except it is red in color.


This rat can deplete Corobo party's numbers. Just wait until the rat has stopped to attack. When it seems to catch on fire, back off and avoid a charge and a ground pound. When the rat makes copies of itself and climbs up, avoid the center to avoid a butt stomp from the rat and its copies. Just look out for the beast's attack and retreat when necessary to avoid damage.


  • The Red Rat could represent the Horseman of the Apocalypse: War, due to his aggressive nature and red color
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