There are several Regional Differences between the different Wii versions of Little King's Story.

The game was first released in Australia on April 22nd 2009, Europe on April 24th 2009, North America on July 21st, then finally in Japan on September 3rd 2009. Little King's Story for PC is based on the North American release. It has language support for English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

European/Australian vs North American

  • The North American version of Little King's Story runs 1.17x faster than the European/Australian version.
  • Loading between areas is slightly faster in the North American version.
    • However, the teleporting TVs take slightly longer to load in the North American version compared to the European version.
  • The North American version features different Art pieces for Ginger's sidequest than all other versions. The former uses submissions from North America from the pre-release art contest, while the latter two use submissions from Japan.
  • The North American version has several bug fixes.
    • In the EU/AU version, the Crab Onii's location in the UMA Book is written as "<playername=0> Beach". This is likely an unsuccessful attempt to display "Corobo's Beach", or whichever name the player has chosen. This is corrected in the NA release, where the text now reads "Over-there-Beach", the location's more commonly used name.
    • Extra logic code is added that means that the player can only accept the Owl Hag Rumour quest if they have beaten both the Clockwork Knight Guardian and the Yvonne Guardian. This appears to have been done to fix an Out of Bounds glitch in the European version that occurs if the player enters and leaves Yvonne's arena from Gourmet Town, since only the Clockwork Knight needs to be defeated in order to fight the Owl Hag in the European version.
    • Certain effects from glitches, such as escaping the UFO battle, will have minor variation in effects between the European and North American versions.
  • The North American version features the ability to save after beating the game, which unlocks Tyrant Mode, only available in the US and Japanese versions.
    • This is therefore the only version where Pancho can talk.
    • This appears to add a bug to the game where a player cannot achieve 100% completion on multiple save files.

North American vs Japanese

  • Long Sauvage's battle features a different theme in the Japanese version. The theme in Australia, Europe and North America is a remix of Holtz's "Mars - Bringer of War" while the Japanese theme uses a remix of Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights".


  • The opening cutscene features subtitles in every language other than English, since it is dubbed in that language. Despite this, TV Dinnah's intro cutscene features both English speakers and English subtitles in the English version.
  • A bug exists for the Message Skip option in the English version, meaning that the player can progress the text in the in-game cutscene that occurs when Corobo reaches the World of God more quickly in some versions, such as the French version.
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