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Regular Carpenter
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Regular Carpenter Info
Regular Carpenter
Cost to train 50,000 Bol
Skills Building Simple Structures
"Of all the jobs, this is one of the more important ones. If you need a bridge to cross or stairs to climb a cliff, Carpenters are who you turn to. Without a Carpenter, good luck trying to get anywhere! Or maybe not. That's all I have to say about them."
— Liam

Regular Carpenters are the third class of Jobs encountered in Little King's Story. Regular Carpenters can be hired from the Carpenter Hut located in Castle Town.


Regular Carpenter

A Regular Carpenter

Regular Carpenters kind of look like elves. They carry wooden hammers and have a Red Cap. Regular Carpenters wear a blue long tunic with a rope as a belt.


Regular Carpenters can build and construct almost every structure, except Stone and Elevators which require Mega Carpenters and Giga Carpenters respectively. They are required to build some stairs and bridges that lead to other areas. After Regular Carpenters finish the framework of the project. You can send in almost all of your class except all three types of soldiers, they will start to throw lumber to your Regular Carpenters speeding up the process of the construction. Regular Carpenters are not that useful in battle and should only be used if all your Soldiers are not available.


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