Ripe Kingdom
Ripe Kingdom Entrance
The entrance to the Ripe Kingdom
Ruler King Shishkebaboo
Princess Princess Spumoni
Terrain Sweets
Regions Forest Cafeteria
Wide Pin Pinball
Mysterious Shortcut
Forest Cafeteria Icon

The Ripe Kingdom (たべごろの国, Tabe-goro no kuni) is the second or third kingdom explored by Corobo, ruled by the gluttonous King Shishkebaboo, who holds his forest tea parties in his chocolate cottage. It is located in the midwest of The World. The country is filled with food and confectionary, with paths paved with cookies and furniture made of strawberries.

Onii are on ledges constantly throwing cakes and sweets down below. To the west resides a Giant Zoeter, south is the entrance, and east, Shishkebaboo's cottage. There are very little enemies apart from Onii's and the Giant Zoeter. After you defeat King Shiskebaboo the Kingdom becomes The Forest Cafeteria, and can be accessed by a mysterious wind in Miner's Town. The Animal Forest Races end here as well.


The music played here is a slower, more lively remix of Verdi's "La donna è mobile", with the operatic vocals being replaced with various brass and string instruments.




Names in other languages 

Name Meaning
Japanese たべごろの国

Tabe-goro no kuni

Country of Good-Eating
French Festinpolis Feast-City / Feastropolis
Italian Regno dei mangioni Kingdom of the Gluttons
German Reich der Vielfraße Realm of the Gluttons
Spanish Reino Maduro Ripe Kingdom

The French name appears to take the "-polis" suffix from "metropolis." However, Festinpolis could also literally translate to "Polite feast."


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