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Ripped Miner
Ripped Miner Icon
Ripped Miner Info
Ripped Miner
Cost to train 300,000 Bol
Skills Breaking Stones
One Hit Rocky Kills
"A hard-working bunch that always have hammers in hand. They live for hammering away at rocks. It's what they do. They're especially good at destroying huge boulders. They have high health and are not too shabby in battle. That's all I have to say about them."
— Liam

Ripped Miners are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story. Ripped Miners appear in Stone City, and Miner's Town.


Ripped Miners, like real life miners, have their trademark mining hat. They are also shirtless showing themselves to ripped. Ripped Miners carry a large red pickaxe and wear short blue jeans.


Ripped Miners are available for hire in Stone City after building the Stonecutting Plant or in Miner's Town. Ripped Miners are the only type of citizen that can destroy those Rocks that block a path to a required destination, or an optional Art Piece, or Treasure. Ripped Miners are also the only type of citizen that can kill a pesky Rocky in one shot making them even more useful. In battle Miners are not as great as the soldiers but can pack a punch to some weaker UMA such as Onii.


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