Royal Arbor
King's Natural Reserve
The King's Natural Reserve
Kingdom Kingdom of the Jolly
UMA Onii
"Party hardy! But it's sad when it ends..."
— Princess Apricot

The Royal Arbor (大王桜の自然公園, Daiō sakura no shizen kōen), or the King's Natural Reserve is the center of the Kingdom of the Jolly. It was previously known as King Duvroc's Party Spot.


The main attraction of the Royal Arbor is the giant cherry blossom tree, which is surrounded by a rope fence to create a beer garden. Like the rest of the kingdom, there are crates, spilt beer and newspapers scattered around. At night, the area is lit by streetlights.

After Duvroc's defeat, he will be day drinking under the cherry tree, now called the Royal Cherry Tree. He utters various insults about Corobo, and craves soup. Next to him is the twelfth Wonder Spot.

On the outside of the fence is the path to the Firefly Lake which Corobo accesses the area from, and two gates. One opens once Corobo conquers this area and the adjacent Torn Forest, creating access to Soldier Town in the Kingdom of Alpoko. The other opens once Duvroc is defeated, and leads to the southern part of the kingdom and the northern portion of the Sunflower Plains.


  • Onii (during Duvroc's fight, emerges from hole)
  • Onii Hopper (during Duvroc's fight)
  • Onii Man (during Duvroc's fight)



Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese 大王桜の自然公園

Daiō sakura no shizen kōen

Natural Park of the King's Cherry Blossom
French Parc naturel royal Royal Natural Park
Italian Parco del ciliegio imperiale Park of the Royal Cherry Tree
German Königskirschpark King's Cherry Blossom Park
Spanish Parque Natural del Cerezo Real Natural Park of the Royal Cherry Tree


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