King Corobo leading his Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is the name given to King Corobo's army, a party comprised of citizens of various Jobs that can take several Formations. When Corobo hires a citizen, they gain a badge and become a part of the Royal Guard. Pressing down on the Wii Remote will cycle between Jobs and pressing up will cycle between Formations.

If Corobo tries hiring someone when his Royal Guard is full, the first citizen hired to that Royal Guard will lose their badge. Citizens will also lose their badge if they fall in battle.

Due to its customisable nature, the Royal Guard never appears in cutscenes.


Corobo starts with a Royal Guard limit of 5 Badges.

After defeating Cow Bones, he can buy 3 more for a limit of 8 Badges.

After defeating the Onii Man, he can buy 4 more for a limit of 12 Badges.

After defeating the Onii King, he can buy 5 more for a limit of 17 Badges.

After defeating his second King, he can buy 6 more for a limit of 23 Badges.

After defeating his fifth King, he can buy 7 more for the final limit of 30 Badges.


These are the orders that the Formations and Jobs will cycle through. Individual citizens within each Job are ordered by current health, so that citizens with higher HP appear at the front.


Attack Formation | Defense Formation | Evade Formation | (Loops to Attack Formation)


Steel Knight | Hardened Soldier | Grunt Soldier | Rainbow Wizard | Animal Hunter | Gourmet Cook | Buff Lumberjack | Ripped Miner | Savvy Merchant | Hardworking Farmer | Giga Carpenter | Mega Carpenter | Regular Carpenter | Carefree Adult | Carefree Child | Brainy Doctor | Eggan | Broadcaster | Mountie | Craftian | (Loops to Steel Knight)

Steel Knight Icon
Hardened Soldier Icon
Grunt Soldier Icon
Rainbow Wizard Icon
Animal Hunter Icon
Gourmet Cook Icon
Buff Lumberjack Icon
Ripped Miner Icon
Savvy Merchant Icon
Hardworking Farmer Icon
Giga Carpenter Icon
Mega Carpenter Icon
Regular Carpenter Icon
Carefree Adult Icon
Carefree Child Icon
Brainy Doctor Icon
Eggan Icon
Broadcaster Icon
Mountie Icon
Craftian Icon

Special Appearances

The Royal Guard act as a pinball paddle in the King Shishkebaboo fight.

Corobo's Royal Guard are separated from him during the Nature Maze, but return for the battle with King Omelet.

They are separated again upon entering the Primetime Kingdom, where they will be scattered across the  Screw-Loose Isles, and will need individually re-recruiting by Corobo.

At the end of the King Long Sauvage fight, Corobo must have enough members in his Royal Guard to form a tower and win the battle.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Toward the end of the story, the Royal Guard becomes Corobo's flight crew during Space Travel. Taking damage during the flight will cause some to abandon ship.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.


  • The Help menu, found under the sub-menu, states that Corobo can hold up to 50 citizens within the Royal Guard. This is an error, as the maximum amount of citizens allowed in the Royal Guard caps at 30. An early trailer also shows a Royal Guard limit of 48.
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