Ruined Turnip Field
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The Ruined Turnip Field is a Forest protected by the Guardian Cow Bones, and one of the first areas Corobo explores outside of Alpoko. It is converted into Southern Castle Town after Corobo conquers it.

The Ruined Turnip Field is a small area, consisting solely of several patches of destructible turnip obstacles, which are designed to be destroyed so that the turnips can be sold for Bol. However, several of the turnips spring to life, as they are secretly the UMA Turniphead. If Corobo returns to this area again, several UMA will be wandering around, such as Turnipheads and Escargoo.

This area connects to the Cemetery, Over-there-Beach and the Turnip Forest.

This area is the first area that plays Little King's Story's main overworld theme, a sinister take on Schubert's "Marche Militaire."


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