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Savvy Merchant
Savvy Merchant Icon
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Savvy Merchant
Cost to train 1500,000 Bol
Skills Opening Purses
Finding Treasure
"These guys live for tracking down hidden treasure. Just having one in your party will guarantee the discovery of hidden holes filled with valuable treasure. They're also the only ones that can open giant purses. But real work is beneath them. That's all I have to say about them."
— Liam
Savvy Merchant Icon

Savvy Merchants are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story. Savvy Merchants appear in Farmland, after purchasing the Shopping Arcade. Merchants will sometimes appears as NPCs that will come to the Castle to add plans to the Kingdom Plan.


Savvy Merchants can dig and aid construction, and can open large purses containing large amounts of treasure. They can also passively detect secret holes that usually contain treasure or spoils by simply walking past them, an ability most useful in the TV Dinnah fight. These holes can usually only be found by commanding a citizen over their exact location. 

Sometimes the Merchants will give Corobo items when he talks to them: the Toy Axe, Casual Clothes, Clothesline, Legendary Dress, and a Kingstone Jewel necessary for the Jewel Book quest.

Purse Locations

Main Hidden Hole locations

Some hidden holes are generated. The following will stay in their set location until discovered.

  • Sunflower Plains: a meadow in the southern half contains three scarecrows pointing at the hidden hole.
  • Sunflower Plains: when entering from the Jolly Kingdom side, several scarecrows in a circle will be pointing towards the hidden hole.
  • Ripe Kingdom: in front of the entrance to Wide Pin Pinball.
  • Skull Plains: south of the spiral valley, between three rocks. This hole is hinted at by a letter from Shishkebaboo.
  • Skull Plains: Broadcaster-shaped peninsula, with TVs.
  • New Island: under the spotlight at the entrance in the North.
  • New Island: before the line of Fan Onii, new to a tree.
  • New Island: on the path of moving Vacuum Onii, at the top of the southern island.
  • New Island: in front of the elevator on the southern island.
  • New Island: in a glade behind the Craftian blocks next to Jumbo Champloon's arena


  • The jewel on the Merchant's turban resembles a Rupee from the Legend of Zelda series.
  • Merchants are often found roaming the streets at night, and hint towards selling illegal items.


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