Screw-Loose Isles
Screw-Loose Isles
Screw-Loose Isles
Kingdom Primetime Kingdom
Characteristics Teleporting TVs
UMA Lotus Root Onii

The Screw-Loose Isles is an area of the Primetime Kingdom, accessible only via a TV in Skull Plains Lake, which leads to the Public Broadcast Tower.  It is a series of islands that can be navigated with teleporting TVs.

When Corobo first comes here he is separated from his army, and has to find them all to recruit them again. Talking to the citizens will either have them say "King Corobo! You saved me!" or "King Corobo! I was waiting for you!" or "SOS! SOS!" with the exception of the Craftian. One Island contains an Art piece, while another has a Hot Spring.

One of these islands is only available once, through the God TV quest, and contains a Flying Machine part.

Subsequent visits after defeating TV Dinnah will have a TV to the start of the area, allowing Corobo to return to Skull Plains Lake, as well as adding a Wonder Spot location to one of the Islands.




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