Shadow Forest
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Characteristics Dark

Dead trees

Shadow Forest is the forest guarded by the Mush Geezer Guardian. It is accessed via Royal City, and when conquered, it becomes Magical Land.

The area is ringed with both mushroom-patterned and dead trees, and contains a lone white mushroom, surrounded by a dark burnt ground littered with little mushrooms like the Mushroom Forest. The forest has no UMA by default, as it acts solely as an arena for the Mush Geezer fight.

When both this region and the Tiptoe Kingdom are conquered, the gate at the back opens up to a constructible bridge to Sobamanjaro, allowing access to the area known as Near New Island.

The ledge above this area belongs to the Primetime Kingdom, but features a hole with Mush Men as well some mushroom on the ground in reference to this forest.



  • The Shadow Forest can only be accessed after beating the Mush Bro in Mushroom Forest. This gives it the distinction of being the only forest that can only be accessed after another optional forest has been conquered.


Mush Geezer 2

The Mush Geezer in the Shadow Forest

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