Skinny Ray Medal
Skinny Ray
Skinny Ray Medal
Skinny Ray HQ Art
Artwork of Skinny Ray
Sex Male
Home Observatory
Job Astronomer

Skinny Ray (ガリガリレイ, Garigarirei) is Alpoko's local astronomer, and has a Observatory located in Farmland, which is abandoned at first. Skinny Ray is the character who theorises the source of the earthquakes, and predicts that the World is ending.


Once King Corobo defeats the Onii Man Guardian and is able to build Farmland, Skinny Ray appears. He thanks Corobo for clearing the land of UMA since he was not able to do his studies. Skinny Ray is an astronomer and spends his nights studying the sky.

Skinny Ray believes that the earthquakes are not natural that it is not the earth that is shaking but the entire universe. Most people do not believe in him, thinking his ideas are too farfetched. Later he asks Corobo to find pieces for a Flying Machine so he can find the true cause of the earthquakes.

During the day, Skinny Ray is seen riding a Penny Farthing and checking his telescope. In the second half of the story, he can be seen hard at work constructing the Flying Machine.


Names in other languages

Every language's name for Skinny Ray is a reference the real life astronomer "Galileo" and the grain "garri" except the English version, which mistranslated "Garigari" as "Skinny," and romanised "rei" as "Ray".

Name Meaning
Japanese ガリガリレイ


Garri Galilei
French Galigaliléo Galigalileo
Italian Galigalileo Galigalilieo
German Gary Galilei Gary Galilei
Spanish Galigalileo Galigalileo


  • During King Omelet's quiz, Skinny Ray appears as an answer to the Voice question, and appears as an answer to the final question. His ultimate question is: "Will the world come to an end? That is the question."
  • Skinny Ray may think that Corobo is some type of puppet, since when speaking to Skinny Ray about the Flying Machine parts he accidentally slips this thought but quickly covers himself.
  • Sometimes Skinny Ray will peer inside a house in Castle Town before running off.
  • In New Little King's Story, Skinny Ray plays a very minor role in the game, simply saying hello if the king greets him.


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