Skull Plains
Skull Plains Map
A map of Skull Plains
Kingdom N/A
Characteristics Bones
Burnt Landscape
UMA Arsonist Onii
Reborn Dragon

Skull Plains (しかばね荒野, Shika bane kōya) is a death-ridden wasteland located in the northwest of The World, and is explored by Corobo on his way to the Worrywart Kingdom, Primetime Kingdom, and Tiptoe Kingdom.


The Skull Plains, is the opposite of Sunflower Fields. It contains plenty of bones, skulls, and has a very dark atmosphere to it. At the entrance from the Bony Tunnel, you'll come across a giant pink lake filled with giant bones scattered. If you go east, cut down a log, and go up a ramp to find a plateau. This plateau is guarded by many Cockadoodledos, and a Concodore protecting their nests and the Wonder Spot Bird's Nests. Eventually you will go through a Large Narrow Bridge surrounded, by Arsonist Oniis burning the surrounding land, and they have to be killed in order to cross. There is also a Bone Formation containing another Wonder Spot, Matryoahka Rock. After you build a bridge across some water, you will come across a map, that illustrates, the three paths to each kingdom. Worrywart Kingdom is to the Southeast, Primetime Kingdom is to the East, and Tip Toe Kingdom is to the Northeast. There is also a Jump Cannon located very close to the Map as well giving you easy access to Skull Plains, and all Three Kingdoms. Plenty of UMA inhabit the Skull Plains including, the Cockadoodledoos, Concodores, Zombies, Arsonist Onii, Onii Cavalry, Onii Ball, Rockys, Mini Dragons, Peekadeath, Okamemask, and Reborn Dragon who is in the Giant Birdcage.


The music for Skull Plains is shared with Dark Valley. It is the only piece of music in Little King's Story which the classical origin of has not been identified.




Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese しかばね荒野

Shika bane kōya

Corpse Prairie
French Terres perdues Wastelands
Italian Landa desolata Wasteland
German Totenheide Killing Moors / Moors of the Killed
Spanish Páramo de los cadavéres Cadaver Moors

The German name more literally translates to "to-kill Moors," referring to the act of killing rather than dying.


  • The Skull Plains is the location with the most exclusive UMA, with a total of 8: the Onii Cavalry, Onii Ball, Dragon Hopper, Peakadeath, Okamemask, Zombie, Mini Dragon and Reborn Dragon are not found in any other location, outside of Generated Quests and King Omelet's quiz.


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