Skull Plains
Skull Plains Map
Map of Skull Plains
Kingdom N/A
Characteristics Burnt


Locations Matroyshka Rock

Bird's Nests!
Skull Plains Lake
Haunted Zone 2
Foot-Shaped Peninsula
Twirling Valley

The Skull Plains (しかばね荒野, Shika bane kōya) is a death-ridden wasteland located in the northwest of The World explored by Corobo on his way to the Worrywart Kingdom, the Primetime Kingdom, and the Tiptoe Kingdom. It is the largest area outside of the Alpoko Kingdom in The World. The landscape is dark and heavily smokey, and features many bones, corpses of cows, and trees made of skulls. The rivers and lakes are flowing with light purple poison.


Entrance to Skull Plains

The Skull Plains is first accessed by Corobo via the Bony Tunnel, the exit of which lies in the south. A sign warning of the Skull Plains lies outside the Bony Tunnel Entrance, stating that "there's nothing but bones on the other side."

Upon leaving the Tunnel, the Bird's Nests lies just east of the exit, blocked by a giant log that needs to be broken by a Buff Lumberjack. It contains many chicken UMA, a Wonder Spot and a weapon.

Heading west leads to the Matroyshka Rock, a series of small islands off the coast that each get smaller than the last. Here there is a giant rock that requires a Ripped Miner, protected by an Arsonist Onii on a cliff and two Onii throwing rocks from the other side of a wall of bones. An Art piece and Wonder Spot are located here.

Beyond this rock is a thin peninsula on the west coast, where several Arsonist Onii will be breathing fire at Corobo and his Royal Guard, sometimes from small inaccessible islands. There are two Geysers, a Golden Star spoil, and a Rocky halfway along. A Crashed UFO will also appear here after Shizuka is saved. At the end of this peninsula is a constructible stone bridge, also guarded by an Arsonist Onii.


Once Corobo has crossed this bridge, he enters the main landmass of the Skull Plains, which runs parallel to the peninsula. A nearby sign contains a childlike drawing of the Plains, guiding Corobo to each kingdom. A small field just north contains a hole full of Mini Dragons and some armor. Not far from it is a Hot Spring, some pots containing an Art piece, and a blue tree containing another Art piece that needs a Carefree Child to reach it. On the east side of this body of land is a set of hills, with three huge rocks blocking off paths in between them. Between the middle and southern rocks is an Art piece at the foot of a particularly large hill. Several sets of constructible stairs allow Corobo to access a constructible Jump Cannon at the peak. At the south of this body of land is another Hot Spring, next to a giant egg, which later can be broken with an Eggan.

Maze Entrance

The southern rock of the three huge rocks leads to the entrance of the Worrying Labyrinth. The rock is guarded by four Cockadoodledo UMA: two atop the cliffs, and two that jump out from behind when the rock is attacked. Beyond this is a large field, with the Worrying Labyrinth in the east. Just south of the Maze is a small garden of bushes containing an Art piece, and a constructible bridge that connects back to the Bony Tunnel exit. Tucked behind the Maze is a box with a ? on it, which will either spawn a Cockadoodledo, a Mush Bro or a Moonflower. This is a reference to the video game Super Mario World. After King Omelet's defeat, a Wonder Spot sign will be sitting next to the entrance to the Maze.

Skull Plains Lake

The Skull Plains Lake is found behind the middle of the three rocks. It contains many different types of UMA, and leads to the Primetime Kingdom. It contains two Art pieces and a Crashed UFO. After King TV Dinnah's defeat, a several barriers in the south of the region allow easier access to the entrance to the Maze and aforementioned Jump Cannon.

Reborn Dragon Cage

The northernmost rock is found in a small patch of land just northwest of the Skull Plains Lake, populated by a few Onii Cavalry and Worker Onii (Cow). This patch of land contains a Golden Star, crack in the ground with treasure, and a giant log blocking a giant purse that can be opened by a Savvy Merchant. Several smaller rocks also lie around this field. Shishkebaboo sends a letter describing this area, which hints towards the location of a hidden hole containing the Legendary Mallet weapon. When the rock itself is attacked, several Onii Hopper and Onii Ball UMA will emerge to attack.

Beyond this rock is a large ribcage atop a ledge. When Corobo falls off this ledge, he finds himself at the foot of a massive birdcage containing the Reborn Dragon, which breathes fire, ice and stunning gas through the bars. There are several small rocks dotting the perimeter, including one in the east that blocks the path to Sobamanjaro, guarded by two Cow Bones. A bony door to the birdcage can be broken open to fight the Reborn Dragon directly, which will drop the Black Cape armor. Next to the Dragon is another Art piece.

Path leading to Sobamanjaro

Beyond the birdcage, Corobo find himself at a small flat hill with a Hot Spring and a sign recommending Corobo to bring Carpenters to Sobamanjaro. At the foot of the hill is a hole with an Art piece. Once King TV Dinnah is defeated, a barrier atop the hill will vanish, allowing easier access to the Skull Plains Lake. North of this hill is a TV blocking access to the northern coast of the Skull Plains.

Heading east leads to a foggy, riverside path with several huge Onii Balls. Atop one of the high cliffs is an Onii holding a chest containing the Robin's Bow weapon. At the end of the path is a constructible bridge leading to the Tiptoe Kingdom, protected by a single Onii throwing rocks from a small hill. Just next to it is a clump of pots, one of which contains an Art piece.

Northern Coastline

If Corobo has a Broadcaster in his Royal Guard, he may destroy the TV past the birdcage and access the northern coastline of the Skull Plains, an optional area. This TV is protected by an Onii throwing rocks from a ledge, which can be accessed once the TV is broken. Atop this ledge is an Art piece blockaded by a wall of logs in front, flanked by two Lotus Root Onii. Once this Art piece is acquired, several Lotus Root Onii will walk around this area. To the north is a peninsula in the shape of the radio tower hats that Broadcasters wear, housing several breakable TVs, an Art piece, and a hidden hole. To the east of this is Haunted Zone 2, which contains an Art piece and a Wonder Spot. To the east is a huge log, with path containing a Golden Star just beyond it. This path leads to the Foot-Shaped Peninsula and Twirling Valley regions, which contain an Art piece each. This is the location of the Last Ingredient! quest.


The music for Skull Plains is shared with Dark Valley. It is the only piece of music in Little King's Story which the classical origin of has not been identified.




Names in other languages

Name Meaning
Japanese しかばね荒野

Shika bane kōya

Corpse Prairie
French Terres perdues Wastelands
Italian Landa desolata Wasteland
German Totenheide Killing Moors / Moors of the Killed
Spanish Páramo de los cadavéres

Llanura Calavera

Cadaver Moors

Skull Plain

The German name more literally translates to "to-kill Moors," referring to the act of killing rather than dying.


  • The Skull Plains is the location with the most exclusive UMA, with a total of 8: the Onii Cavalry, Onii Ball, Dragon Hopper, Peakadeath, Okamemask, Zombie, Mini Dragon and Reborn Dragon are not found in any other location, outside of Generated Quests and King Omelet's quiz.
  • The fact that the Skull Plains leads to four other kingdoms may be because the Japanese word for "four" and "death" are both pronounced shi.
  • Some pieces of footage of Skull Plains from the very last couple of months before Little King's Story was released show very different lighting, with a bluish hue instead of the purplish look of the final game.


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