Small Lot
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Characteristics Ice Crystal

The Small Lot is the forest guarded by the Blue Dragon. It is one of two Forests to feature no UMA other than its Guardian, the other being the Shadow Forest. When conquered, it becomes Miner's Town.

The Small Lot is located just beyond the Red Turnip Forest, although oddly, red turnip obstacles and Radeeze UMA appear here, but disappear after the Red Turnip Forest is conquered by Corobo. This would suggest that the Small Lot is part of this forest, but it does not become part of Corobo's Kingdom after the Radeeze is defeated. Instead, the Small Lot becomes two small areas, one on either side of Glamour Town.

This area contains very little, being almost entirely empty except for the Ice Crystal obstacle blocking the entrance to the lair of the Blue Dragon. Before the Red Turnip Forest is conquered, the area surrounding this Crystal is cut off by tall grass and trees, which disappear after the Radeeze Guardian is defeated. The obstacle itself can only be destroyed after the Blue Dragon Rumour quest is accepted. The fact that the Blue Dragon is not only underground but also asleep could indicate why there are no UMA around, as the Guardian is not there to fully protect them.



  • The citizens of Alpoko seem to not find the Small Lot a particularly threatening area, as the border between Glamour Town and the Small Lot is loosely defined, and a pile of boxes is built in the Small Lot's boundaries, which citizens such as Lumberjacks will move to and from during work, therefore moving across the border entirely and into the Lot itself.
  • Small Lot may be an oxymoronic play on words.


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