Songs are tunes sung by citizens throughout the Kingdom of Alpoko between 10 pm to midnight. Songs that Corobo has not collected yet are held by citizens that are standing and spinning in a particular spot; their humming may sound more like talking. Songs that Corobo has collected are sung by citizens that may be wandering around, especially outside their song's humming spot, and they actually sound like they're humming. These songs are part of Princess Kokomo's special quest, since she could not remember how a song she wanted to sing went. There are a total of 30 songs, which are remixes from classical music.


# 1 Brace Yourself!

Brace Yourself!

A relaxing tune. It can help you forget about your numerous failings and make you think there's hope after all. Hope without surgery, that is.

# 2 Camellia Hag's Song

Camellia Hag's Song

A tune born from an inexplicable head growth. It's the song an old hag with a flower growing out of her noggin was humming on Tripoli's shores.

# 3 Brave New World

Brave New World

A tune about the universe. Explore the great unknown... From the big bang to the restaurant at the end, it'll pass the time but you'll never finish it...

# 4 Probably a Bolero

Probably a Bolero

When you listen to this tune, you'll forget you have two left feet. And no rhythm. And any dignity left. Truly a dangerous song.

# 5 Fee Fi Fo Hum Walk

Fee Fi Fo Hum Walk

A great tune to exercise to. Inhale with the "Fee" and "Fo" while walking and you'll shed those pounds faster than a model with great gag reflex!

# 6 I Like Food!

I Like Food!

A tune for after a meal. It comes out naturally after some delicious spam, or soylent green, or balut. So much deliciousness...

# 7 Tadah!


My song that I think I might remember. But listening to it derails my train of thought. The thought of... Wait, what?

# 8 Springtime for Bozos

Springtime for Bozos

A tune for spring. With the weather warming, there are people that dance naked. But it's okay because it's spring.

# 9 How Much Art?

How Much Art

A gentlemanly tune. This is identical to a tune that a weird artist was humming during an exhibition in Avignon. He had a ladle for a hat.

# 10 March of the Lost

March of the Lost

It's a tune that'll get you lost. Many have never returned after humming it, and if they did it was too late because we sold their stuff.

# 11 Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

Song that tells the story of a werewolf and its adventures in London with a rubber duck.

# 12 I Want That

I Want That

Tune for when you're in trouble. You're on the toilet and you're out of paper. You need help... Now sing this tune.

# 13 At My Job

At My Job

Song for women of glamour and fame, although I toil in the secretary pool at a failing insurance company.

# 14 Tom's Restaurant

Tom's Restaurant

Tune about being hungry. This is the sad story of a man that lost his lunch. By lost I mean borrowed. And by borrowed I really mean eaten. By me.

# 15 Eggan of the Past

Eggan of the Past

Famous tune of the Eggan civilization. I must've caught the waves of the ancient ritual by telepathy. I sing it every day for the men in white coats.

# 16 Green Jelly

Green Jelly

A song about moms who serve flavored gelatin for dessert. Really ends with an "o", but the company won't get the joke.

# 17 Twinkle Twinkle Star

Twinkle Twinkle Star

A tune about UFOs. I caught this brain wave at night with lots of people while looking at the sky. I seem to have lost an hour somewhere, though...

# 18 Pastorale


A song of the dusk. The owner of the Café Beethoven gets sentimental whenever he hears this tune.

# 19 Wish


The one singing it didn't know it was going to be the first day of his last day.

# 20 Fostering Gang Wars

Fostering Gang Wars

Tune that celebrates pride and honor. This is what Bugsy Malone was humming before being "splurged."

# 21 You're Cala-mine

You're Cala-mine

A song of anti-itch. I'm itching early in the morning and have an earnest wish for it to stop. It's that kind of tune.

# 22 Cut and Run

Cut and Run

This is a cursed song. The vengeful song of a bride that got left at the altar. Men, you should watch your back.

# 23 Insomniac Lullaby

Insomniac Lullaby

A lullaby. But it's also a stimulating song because the one singing it ends up not being able to sleep.

# 24 Address Unknown

Address Unknown

A song for the lowly mailman. When he can't make out the address, he'll sing this song out of desperation. Seems to just attract dogs though.

# 25 Jovial Ganymede

Jovial Ganymede

Song of empty lives. People of Jupiter sing this when they pretend to be happy. They're masters at faking happiness!

# 26 Hi, You're Dead

Hi, You're Dead

Song of separation. This song is used to bid farewell to the souls of the lost.

# 27 Nostalgia


A happy-go-lucky tune. Like the man who sold candy when you were a child. Everything was so much better then.

# 28 Tipopo's Rhapsody

Tipopo's Rhapsody

A legendary tune. The master hummer Tipopo's tunes have been revived. By the way, who in the heck is Tipopo?

# 29 Hope this is Goodbye

Hope this is Goodbye

A love song written by a forlorn manager at a failing car company. It's about the nightmare that is being in love.

# 30 This is Destiny

This is Destiny

A forgotten song. Songs are my friends. That's why I want everyone to listen to my songs. Now let's all sing!

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