Soup Church
Soup Church
Soup Church
Kingdom Alpoko
Region Castle Town
Cost 44,000 Bol
"Do you believe in God?
Morning service: 7AM
Evening service: 7PM
*Noodles served at all ceremonies.
Servant of Soup, Kampbell
— Soup Church Sign

The Soup Church is located in the Kingdom of Alpoko and is build on the remains of the old Cemetery. Kampbell is the leader of the church. All prays in the Soup Church are finished by saying "Ramen."

Throwing two citizens into the church may result in marriage. To know which couple will marry the ticker tape news at the bottom of the screen will alert Corobo or he will find couples with hearts around their heads wandering around town. Marriage may result in having a Carefree Child. Occasionally the same citizen can get married multiple times.


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