Near the end of the game, King Corobo, Howser, Verde, Liam and the rest of the world will be hit by a giant earthquakes. This results in Skinny Ray building his own flying machine to find out the cause of the earthquakes because they are shaking the stars out of the sky. The king can then set out to find all the pieces needed to build the flying machine so he can then go and see whats happening in the "World of God."

Parts of the Flying Machine

In each Kingdom (apart from the WorryWart Kingdom), there is a piece of the flying machine that is to be found. Getting it could involve a boss battle, a long search or looking in a completely new area.

The Speakers

Flying Machine Part Location (Speakers)

Memo for the Speaker's location

The Speakers can be found in the Former Onii Ground and where the Onii King battle took place. To get it, the player has to dig a hole in the center of where the flower circle is. However when digging it up, you will encounter some Onii and the larger Onii Bride, that is a Mini-Boss to defeat. After killing all the Onii, you will eventually get the Speakers. It is revealed that they are needed to 'Crank up some tunes' when you are flying into space.

Expensive Wine Oil

Flying Machine Part Location (Oil)

Memo for the Oil's location

The Expensive Wine can be found in the Jolly Kingdom. It can be found away from the main area, but if you go through a narrow passageway, you will come to a area with a massive Marble Dragon. The large dragon is the biggest in the game and has similar moves to the smaller ones, however when this one swings all the way around, if any of your royal guard get hit, they will be shot into the distance and will die. So after defeating the Dragon, you have to then destroy a large wooden tree stump so you can dig up the Expensive Wine. It is then revealed that you will use it as Oil for the Flying Machine.

Cooling Fridge

Flying Machine Part Location (Cooling Fridge)

Memo for the Cooling Fridge's location

The Cooling Fridge can be found in the Ripe Kingdom. It can be found west of the large pinball table where a large beetle is guarding it. To defeat the beetle, the king must destroy the large stump it is hiding in and then take it down with grunts. After defeating it the king then digs up the Fridge. It is the revealed that the Cooling Fridge will help the Flying Machine to stay cool and not overheat.

Dimond Egg Shell

Flying Machine Part Location (Dimond Egg Shell)

Memo for the Dimond Egg Shell's location

Getting the Hard Egg Shell is different from the others. What the king will need to do, is to talk to the Princess Shizuka carrying the egg at the bridge at the night. After doing this, the Princess will then give you some the Dimond Egg Shell. It is revealed that it will be used to cover the whole Flying Machine to protect it from outer space dangers.

Natural HD Television

Flying Machine Part Location (Natural HD Television)

Memo for the Natural HD Television's location

The Natural HD Television can be found in the Primetime Kingdom. It can be found if you go to the Main Broadcasting Tower and enter the light. You will then arrive in a new area of the kingdom where you can dig up the TV. It is then revealed to be used as a Communication Device when you are in the machine.

My Beard

Flying Machine Part Location (My Beard)

Memo for the Beard's location

My Beard can be found behind Sobamanjaro. To get it, the king must go through the Purple Mushroom forest. At the end the king will find 'My Beard'. It is then revealed to be used as a Electrical Wire to pass electricity around the Flying Machine.


Flying Machine Part Location (Propeller)

Memo for the Propeller's location

The Propeller is the last thing needed for the Flying Machine. It can be found where King Jumbo Champloon was destroyed. This is the only item that does not require much hard work to get. It is then used to help the Flying Machine go up into the air like a Helicopter.


Before you go into space, all the Princesses have a argument on who is going to go with him, resulting in all of them wanting a divorce. The king can then pick any princess to take with him. The princess they pick does not change the result, but they do have their own individual opinions on the "World of God" In the end the Princess gets eaten anyway.


If the king has completed the Salary Statement Mini quest, then they can take Verde with them in the flying machine. This is the first time that the King and Verde actually kiss. In the 'World of God', Verde was just about to tell the king that she loves him, when she is taken away by rats.