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"Ah, these guys. The legendary cursed knights. A swing of their sword calls forth lightning from the sky. Their shields nullify even the strongest of UMA attacks. They never back down, even against the strongest of UMA. If there's any truth to this, using them would be cheating. Well, wouldn't it? Sadly, they don't exist..."
— Liam

The Steel Knight is one of three special Jobs in Little King's Story. The Steel Knight appears in Alpoko Castle after buying the Rare Armor, as a decorative piece of Armor. Visiting the Armor at night will reveal that it is haunted, and the Steel Knight will stroll out of the Castle and into the Town Square. Talking with him reveals that he still has many regrets after leaving the world and would like a second chance, after he was killed by a pack of wolves in battle.

The Steel Knight often makes jokes about being undead. When washed up on the beach, the Knight can comment on how it doesn't want to die again. The fact that it is referred to as a Knight and not a Soldier suggests he comes from an older time period.


The Steel Knight is the strongest fighter in Little King's Story. When fighting on the ground or while clung-on, the Steel Knight will not give up after time has passed, unlike the other Soldiers. Just like Hardened Soldiers, the Steel Knight can block attacks with their shield when not engaged in combat, such as in Defence Formation or running back from a target, but performs this move more consistently. The Steel Knight has a much stronger Special Attack dive than Hardened Soldiers as well, which the Knight will unleash immediately upon targeting a foe, although they too will perform this move after fighting an enemy for a while. The Steel Knight's version of the Special Attack also produces lightning effects upon contact.

The Steel Knight cannot dig or aid construction.


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