Stone City
Stone City
Stone City Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
Locations Stonecutting Plant
Furniture Factory
Stonecutter Village

Stone City is a region in Alpoko, and is the Fifth District that is obtainable after defeating, the Clockwork/Berserker Knight Guardian UMA.


Stone City, is a City thriving with the classes of Hardened Citizens working with Natural Resources. These include Ripped Miners, and the Mega Carpenters who are exclusive to Stone City. Stone City, borders Farmland to the east, Soldier Town to the Northwest, and Gourmet Town to the North. Stone City has an architecture of mostly Stone buildings, and a Mine filled with Miners who can break Giant Rocks, at the outskirts of Stone City there is a building where you can train Mega Carpenter citizens who can build Stone Objects. There is also a Jump Cannon right outside Stone City, making easy access to the District.

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