Screw-Loose Isles

TVs in the Screw-Loose Isles

TVs or Televisions appear in many forms across Little King's Story, usually in association with the Primetime Kingdom. Every TV takes the appearance of a CRT Television with an antenna.


TV Dinnah is one of the seven kings, and appears to be a sentient TV. He runs the Public Broadcast Tower, which in itself is a giant TV. During his battle, Corobo is placed inside of a TV, presumably the player's, and the channels switch depending on the outcomes of the fight. A TV is also mounted as a decoration during the festival after beating this king.

TVs appear as two separate objects with different functions. The first of these are the smaller TVs, which come in pairs and teleport the player between the two. They are most prominently featured as a maze in the Screw-Loose Isles. However, a single pair of TVs can be found in the area known as Near New Island, where they appear to serve no purpose.

Giant TVs also appear as a breakable obstacle, of which there are four. These only appear in the north of Skull Plains, one of which blocks the entrance to the area. They can only be broken by the Broadcaster.

The HDTV is a Flying Machine part, only collectible as part of the God TV quest.

Several broken TVs appear in a non-interactible form scattered throughout the garbage on New Island.

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A floating TV broadcasts the events of the Flying Machine with a message from TV Dinnah, before being hit and exploding.

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