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The World of Little King's Story is a major plot point in the game's story, as Corobo, under the advice and encouragement of Howser, aims to unify the entire World under the Alpoko Kingdom, which acts as the ultimate goal for the majority of the game.

The World appears to be very small at first, as the map only reveals the island containing Castle Town. After Howser proposes his goal for World Unification, he expands the map to include an area to the south, known as the Meadow over the Bridge, and the Onii Grounds. After this area is conquered, a letter arrives from the Onii King, and Pancho explains the existence of the Dark Valley even further south, which belongs to the Onii Kingdom, and the map expands once more. After the Onii King is defeated, Pancho reveals that there are actually many other Kingdoms. The map expands for the final time to reveal that the World is almost four times as large as anticipated, now including several new forests, Sunflower Plains, Skull Plains, other miscelleneous areas, and six other Kingdoms.

Throughout the story, many earthquakes will occur, worrying the local scientist Skinny Ray. Once Corobo has conquered all of the Kingdoms in the World and has achieved Unification, he and the other citizens of Alpoko will listen to Skinny Ray's idea that the source of the earthquakes is coming from beyond the sky, from what could be an entirely different World. Kampbell dubs this theoretical location the World of God.


Alpoko Kingdom

The Alpoko Kingdom is Corobo's own nation. Although it starts small and desolate, through Corobo's efforts, it expands through defeating local Guardians and winning wars with other Kingdoms. Alpoko is home to all of Corobo's citizens, and acts as a hub for the player. Howser, Liam, Verde, Pancho and Mr. M live here from the start of Corobo's reign, but other characters will move in over time, including KampbellSkinny Ray, Ginger, Francoise, Princesses and immigrants from other Kingdoms, and new citizens.

Onii Kingdom

The Onii Kingdom is a large amount of land that is ruled by the Onii King. It is directly south of Alpoko and is the first new kingdom visited, filled with hundreds of Onii. The Onii Kingdom gets turned into the Dark Valley Natural Reserve after the king has defeated the Onii King. Many of the Onii then flee to other Kingdoms, and the land is populated by other dangerous wildlife.

Kingdom of the Jolly

The Kingdom of the Jolly is home to the wild party animals and King Duvroc. It is located right in front of the Bony Tunnel Entrance, just South-West of Alpoko. In this kingdom, everyone parties and drinks non-stop. The ruler King Duvroc thinks that the world should all get drunk so that everyone would be having a great time all the time. After the king defeats King Duvroc, he leaves to check on his wife, while the Jolly Kingdom gets turned into a Reserve. Duvroc is then later seen in this Kingdom where his party took place, drinking alone.

Ripe Kingdom

The Ripe Kingdom is located just opposite to the Kingdom of the Jolly. Its ruler, the big-boned King Shishkebaboo, is an obese king with an obsession with food. The Kingdom is made of food, and other than the Onii, is uninhabited, suggesting that it only exists to provide Shishkebaboo with as much to eat as much as possible. After a game of pinball with the large king, he is shot into a large fork that then sends him flying into the air like a balloon for the rest of the story. The kingdom then becomes a Forest Cafeteria, so that everyone can enjoy the food there.

Worrywart Kingdom

The Worrywart Kingdom is located west of Alpoko. It can be accessed via the Skull Plains just north of the Boney Tunnel Entrance. The Kingdom is populated by Eggans, egg people with many questions on life, the universe and everything. It contains the Nature Maze, a hedge-maze designed to make Corobo question his morals through signs depicting the downfall of a regular man's life. At the centre is a giant multi-shelled egg. Inside this egg is King Omelet, a ruler with extreme anxiety, wrapped in existential turmoil. When Corobo breaks the egg, he does not fight, and instead challenges Corobo's ideals a final time before giving up the kingdom. It later becomes the Eggan Civilization Ruins, preserved in remembrance of the Eggans' history. King Omelet remains in the egg reading books on his toilet for the remainder of the story.

Primetime Kingdom

The Primetime Kingdom is located directly north of the Worrywart Kingdom, accessed via the Skull Plains. It is the most technologically advanced kingdom, home to a Broadcast Tower and the Broadcasters. The ruler, TV Dinnah, is runs not only the Kingdom but also his own TV station. After defeating the King, the Public Broadcast Tower will become run by Alpoko, allowing the launch of Alpoko Television (ATV), and providing Corobo's citizens with TV to watch from their home. TV Dinnah still remains trapped in the Tower, managing the channel under Alpoko's rule.

Tiptoe Kingdom

The Tiptoe Kingdom is a region located just north of Alpoko and North-East of the Primetime Kingdom, accessed by a series of routes that are just east of the Skull Plains. The main landmark of this Kingdom is its mountain, Sobamanjaro, the only true mountain in the World. The Kingdom is ruled by Long Sauvage, a king that believes that all tall people are the greatest, and the taller one is, the greater they are. Therefore, the King's power comes from his height, as he stands atop the mountain, taller than any of his people, the Mounties. Corobo climbs the mountain to meet Sauvage at the top, and teams up with his Royal Guard to form a human tower, making Corobo taller than the King, therefore conquering the Kingdom. After the kingdom has been taken over, it will be renamed to simply Sobamanjaro.

New Island

New Island is the largest and most complex of the kingdoms, located east of Alpoko and south-east of the Tiptoe Kingdom. The Kingdom has not been finished by God, since he forgot; therefore, the land itself has sections made of cardboard that have not been covered, and piles of garbage everywhere, with the most unfinished area being the southmost of the Kingdom. The main inhabitants of New Island are the Craftians, milkbox-men who are desperately trying to finish the Island, along with Onii riding equipment and sentient stationary. The ruler, Jumbo Champloon, is giant man made out of trash, that speaks jibberish. After defeating the King, the land gets named the New Island Park, and a project is started under which the Alpokian citizens are tasked with finishing the Island.

Other Areas

Sunflower Plains

An area east of the Dark Valley, full of sunflowers, vegetable patches and related enemies. Scarecrows guide Corobo through its many twisting paths. The area is large and confusing, and at night, some Sunflowers become Moonflowers, a UMA. It leads to the Melon Patch, and is required in order to reach the Jolly and Ripe Kingdoms.

Skull Plains

The Skull Plains is an area filled with dead animals and bones, with poisoned waters. It can be accessed via the Boney Tunnel and is north of the Ripe Kingdom. From here, Corobo may access the Worrywart Kingdom, the Primetime Kingdom and the Tiptoe Kingdom. The Skull Plains is home to many new UMA, and is the largest area in the game.


Over-there-Beach is a small beach just east of Castle Town, which quickly becomes part of the Alpoko Kingdom. The only use for the beach is that you may find citizens in the beach after they have died. Mr. M and citizens on dates can be found here at night. The beach can also be used as a route from Alpoko to New Island.


  • On the map, scribbled drawings of Corobo, the Sun, the Moon, Pancho and a Marble Dragon gradually appear, becoming more detailed with each expansion to the map.
  • Minor areas that are loaded in, such as the Blue Dragon's arena and the Game Over screen, are stored beyond the sea.
  • According to a sign near the area, beyond the sea is the Kingdom of the Dead, a location never visited by Corobo. Citizens of Alpoko often wash up on the shore of Over-There Beach, as the sign implies, often shaking and experiencing signs of trauma from thinking they were truly dead. Notably, this does not occur with residents of other Kingdoms or UMA.
    • Coincidentally, if the player were to walk at a certain angle from Over-there-Beach and beyond the sea using cheat codes, they would eventually end up in the Game Over area stored far away from the explorable map.


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