Town Square
Town Square
Town Square
Kingdom Alpoko
Region Castle Town
Function Suggestion Box
Cost 1200,000 Bol
"Set up a Suggestion Box to hear your citizens complaints and requests!"
— Kingdom Plan

Town Square is in Castle Town, and contains the Suggestion Box.


Building the Town Square is required, as it allows the player to gain access to the Suggestion Box, allowing citizens and other characters to send the player suggestions through the forms of quests, letters, or Guardian UMA quests. Howser suggests the plan after he cannot think of a way to free the town from financial crisis, turning instead to the public for ideas. As you build more plans in Castle Town the Town Square adds a set of shrubs and benches around the Suggestion Box. Once Castle Town is complete, the ground will become paved with white stones. One of the corners of the square features a sign which points the player in various directions, granted the camera is facing north.

The Town Square has several events tied to it. It is the area in which all Festivals are held, and serves as the arena for the UFO fight.

The Eggan citizen tends to sit here at night, with the other immigrant classes also spending a lot of time here. At night, the Steel Knight walks between the Castle and the benches around the Square.

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