An Onii, a common UMA, rolling an Onii Ball, another UMA

UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals), pronounced oo-mah, is the name given to all of the enemies in Little King's Story, barring Kings and special enemies. Princess Bouquet gives Corobo a book in order to record various UMA. The most seen UMA are the various types of Onii.

Guardian UMA act as mini-bosses for the forests surrounding Alpoko, with one for each of the 10 Districts of Alpoko. After the Guardian of an area is defeated, all normal UMA in the area are defeated. Some Guardians are scaled-up versions of regular UMA, but some only appear as a Guardian. Some Guardian UMA start to appear as regular enemies later in the story.

When an UMA is about to attack, there will be fumes above its head, indicating a wind-up before the attack is unleashed. A UMA will attack any structure under construction while on the field.

According to Pancho in Tyrant mode, certain UMA were normal plants and animals until they ate Janga Pickles which made them aggressive.

Special UMA

Some generated quests modify an UMA's attributes, such as changing their colors and body shape, or giving them new abilities such as riding other UMA.

After finding 50 Art pieces, Ginger will will have a quest for Corobo. Ginger explains the winning art piece became a Special UMA and Corobo has to put it back on the canvas. The UMA is different depending on which version of the game is played but the battle is the same.

  • NTSC: "Evil Dragoon Cat" by Sephie Melton
  • PAL/Japanese: "Swarm" by Kazuya Kamie
Evil Dragoon Cat

The Evil Dragoon Cat Artwork

UMA Book

The UMA Book is used to record UMA information for Princess Bouquet's special quest. There are a total of 53 UMA that can be recorded in the UMA Book.

# 1 Onii


# 4 Onii Man

Onii Man

# 14 Onii Ball

Onii Ball

# 15 Onii Metal

Onii Metal

# 16 Onii Bride

Onii Bride

# 17 Mush Man

Mush Man

# 18 Mush Bro

Mush Bro

# 20 Escargoo


# 22 Moonflower


# 24 Rocky


# 25 Turniphead


# 26 Radeeze


# 27 Rodeo Cow

Rodeo Cow

# 29 Cow Bones

Cow Bones

# 31 Concodore


# 32 Korobokle


# 33 Zombie


# 34 Peakadeath


# 35 Okamemask


# 36 Yvonne


# 37 Crab Onii

Crab Onii

# 38 Compass

Compass (UMA)

# 39 Fierce Owl

Fierce Owl

# 40 Owl Hag

Owl Hag

# 41 Fan Onii

Fan Onii

# 44 Ogre Ergo

Ogre Ergo

# 45 UFO



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