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  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is Test Engineer
  • I am Male

Due release of Skyward Sword, I need to start recording videos for the ZeldapediaVideo Youtube channel. Therefore, most of my Wikia editing time will be spent over at Zeldapedia or on recording videos. I will continue to check the this wiki daily to ensure nothing major is going on.

If this wiki gets big enough or more established, I might do something similar to a project I did for Zeldapedia. I made a Youtube channel for all the wiki's videos. I could maybe eventually do that for this wiki as well.

Wiki Plans

Here is a list of things I plan to improve on this wiki. This is a personal list but others can use it for ideas as well. The order is in the order in which I'll pry attempt these but are not an absolute ranking on their importance.

  1. Make a "Character" infobox
  2. Get Character images
    • Missing Corobo model due to software limitations
    • Missing Howser model due to software limitations
  3. Create a page or pages for items (Use Treasure article for Weapons and Armor hub)<s>
    • <s>Weapons
    • Armor
  4. Get item images
    • Icons
    • Possibly 3D models as well
  5. Prepare for New Little King's Story Information
  6. Expand "Location" articles
  7. Expand "UMA" articles
  8. Make articles for UMA groups (i.e. Onii Ranger)
    • Have infromation on what type of UMA are in the group
    • Create a special category for such groups
  9. Standardize article formatting
    • Standardize article headings
    • Standardize article syntax
  10. Obtain 3D model images for all Jobs and Races
  11. Obtain 3D model images for all UMA
  12. Start a Youtube channel for the Little King's Story Wiki
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