Valley of Memories
Former Onii Grounds
Kingdom Onii Kingdom
Characteristics Tall cliffs

Golden Markings

The Valley of Memories is the location in which the Onii King was fought by King Corobo. It lies at the end of the Dark Valley, in the Onii Kingdom.

The Valley has tall cliff walls, with three distinct entrances: to the south is an entrance to the rest of Dark Valley, to the West leads to Sunflower Plains, and to the North leads to Farmland. The north is blocked off by the Onii King's throne until he is defeated. As with the rest of Dark Valley, it becomes overrun with wild animal UMA after the Onii have left.

During the God Paper quest, a hole appears in the middle of the Valley, containing the Onii Bride, which guards the Speakers/Omegaphone, a part of the Flying Machine.

The Valley of Memories is dubbed with its named by Princess Apricot, who finds the location to have sentimental value, as it was where she first met Corobo. This occurs in the 1 Wonder Spot to Go! quest, and makes this location the final Wonder Spot.



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