Verde Medal
Verde Medal
Artwork of Verde
Sex Female
Job Records Minister
Affiliation(s) Ministers

Verde Sous is the records minister to King Corobo. Her job includes saving and progress report. She will show the population of Alpoko along with how they people feel toward the king. She also keeps the Video Archive.

Verde is an eligible wife to bring with you on your flying machine. However she can be quite rude and sarcastic at times, she also asks you (like Liam) to pay her regularly. Her reason for the money is because the earthquakes flattened her house.

Throughout the game she implies that she loves King Corobo and if chosen as the one true love, she admits she is very happy. This may explain why she always seem irritated when talking about the princesses. In the credits Verde has a dream about her and Corobo.


Verde is the word for green in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.


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