Wavy Rock Forest
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Characteristics Stone structures

Wavy Rock Forest is a Forest west of Farmland, guarded by the Clockwork Knight. After its Guardian is defeated by Corobo, it becomes Stone City. Its name comes from its various stone structures that tilt back and forth.

Once the Onii King is defeated, the Wavy Rock Forest is the only Forest that must be conquered in order to beat the game, as Stone City provides Ripped Miners, which are needed to explore Skull Plains. Alternatively, the player could defeat the Blue Dragon and gain Miner's Town instead, which would negate the need to conquer the Wavy Rock Forest.

The Wavy Rock Forest starts on flat land. To Corobo's right upon entering is one of two entrances to the Owl Forest. To his left is a glade containing a destructible rock, a hole guarded by a Rodeo Cow, and a set of stairs that may be built to access a ledge with some treasure. Past the glade's entrance is another set of stairs which leads to a raised plateau with a statue of the Clockwork Knight surrounded by stone pillars. This plateau is also adjacent to another entrance to the Owl Forest and the entrance to the Torn Forest. Several holes with Gold Bars are scattered nearby.



  • This area is mistakenly referred to as the Shaky Rock Forest in the Rodeo Cow's UMA Book entry. This inconsistent naming is also not exclusive to the English version; for example, this area is called the "Forêt de Roches" or "Rock Forest" in French, but the Rodeo Cow's entry names this area the "Forêt de Pierres" or "Stone Forest" in the UMA Book.
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