Wide Pin Pinball
Wide Pin Pinball
Wide Pin Pinball
Kingdom Ripe Kingdom
Characteristics Sweets
Human Pinball Machine

Wide Pin Pinball is found in the Ripe Kingdom. It is based off of a Pinball Table.


Wide Pin Pinball, like everywhere in the Ripe Kingdom is infested with sweets. King Shishkebaboo's cake house is located here, and is also where the Pinball Game King Shishkebaboo Boss Battle is located. Wide Pin Pinball is based of a Pinball Table featuring ramps, cherry bumpers, and a hole in the upper left corner. In which Shiskebaboo is rolled into he will emerged petrified, along with a few rocks that will roll toward you. At the top of Wide Pin Pinball, there is a rock that is covering a fork, that you must impale Shishkebaboo into. At the left of Wide Pin Pinball, there is a counter with a number showing Shishkebaboo's current weight. You can lower Shishkebaboo's weight by making him bounce around the Pinball Table. There are also a Onii Man and some Rockies located around the table. Sometimes an Onii holding a downward arrow will appear, knock him out and the Forest Cafeteria will darken for a short time allowing your Buff Miners to reach the rock. After you defeat King Shishkebaboo, Wide Pin Pinball can be accessed from the Ripe Kingdom, or a shortcut from Miner's Town. The Animal Races also end here as well.