Worker Onii (Dragon)
Worker Onii (Dragon)
Worker Onii (Dragon)
Life 120
Location New Island
UMA Book Description Onii lugging around a dragon's head.

Worker Onii (Dragon) consists of four Onii carrying a Mini Dragon or Marble Dragon Head. They appear late in the game, on the path between Tip Toe Kingdom and New Island.


The Worker Onii (Dragon) is considered to be an Onii equivalent of a flame tank. They may look cute but this giant head packs a punch. The head looks exactly like a Marble Dragon head, but it seems to be made by cardboard. It could possibly be a real Mini or Marble Dragon Head.


The Worker Onii (Dragon) has only one attack. It can be breathe fire just like a real dragon. Order your Royal Guard to retreat after you its mouth start to open. Which means its about to breathe fire. You can stun the Worker Onii (Dragon Head) from a range, which makes it a very easy kill.


The Dragon head is black but the dragons Corobo fights are red or blue.