Worker Onii (Dragon)
Worker Onii (Dragon)
Worker Onii (Dragon)
Life 120
Location New Island
UMA Book Description Onii lugging around a dragon's head.

Worker Onii (Dragon) (ハタラキオニー ドラゴン, Hatarakionī doragon) is an UMA consisting of four Onii carrying a Mini Dragon or Marble Dragon Head. The Worker Onii (Dragon) is considered to be an Onii equivalent of a flame tank.


Attack Effect Description
Bite Melee Quickly snaps the dragon's mouth forwards
Breathes fire forwards Area-of-effect, burn



  • Oddly, the UMA Book picture for this enemy has several inconsistencies: it shows only three Onii, who appear to be throwing the dragon's head, and the dragon's head is black.
  • The dragon's head is noticeably larger than any of the dragon UMA's head sizes.
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