Worrywart Kingdom
Worrywart Kingdom Entrance
Ruler King Omelet
Princess Princess Shizuka
Regions Nature Maze
Eggan Civilization Ruins
Eggan Civilization Ruins Icon
"I tried answering, but the answers are pointless."
— Corobo

The Worrywart Kingdom is the fourth kingdom explored by Corobo, and is first accessed via Skull Plains. Worrywart Kingdom is led by King Omelet, and populated by the Eggan people, who all spend their time philosophising over questions an worrying. Of the seven kingdoms, it is the smallest, only occupying 2% of the entire World.

The Worrywart Kingdom is themed after anxiety and eggs, the latter of which is likely a metaphor for the idea of shutting out, a common symptom of Generalised Anxiety Disorder. In line with this, the Eggans and many signs throughout the Kingdom challenge Corobo and by extension the player with many questions about the nature of life and purpose. The Kingdom also explores the idea of thinking about thinking, and worrying about worrying, two other symptoms of Anxiety Disorders.

Nature Maze

The Nature Maze

Omelet is aware of who Corobo is before he even reaches Worrywart, likely due to his nature of thinking and knowing so much. He invites Corobo into his Kingdom, as long as the young king invests some time to think about why he is there in the first place. When Corobo first arrives at Worrywart, he is met with a reverse-cutout of himself in front of a maze, meaning he has to leave his Royal Guard behind and explore the Nature Maze alone. Aside from a few stray Cockadoodledo UMA, the area has almost nothing to prevent Corobo's trespassing into the Kingdom, leaving him to become lost in the maze and read "Whispers" about the downfall of a person's life, right until their death. This person is never identified.

Past the maze lies the center of the land: a small grove surrounding a large egg, at the centre of a spiral pattern. As Corobo inspects this egg, the Eggans living in the Kingdom begin to emerge, still lost in a cycle of thinking. After some time, some of the Eggans accuse Corobo of being a murderer and an invader as a result of his quest to take over the World. Corobo eventually becomes angry and punches the egg, causing it to crack and shatter, revealing another egg underneath, like a matroyshka doll. The Eggans notice this and begin to surround Corobo, but his Royal Guard arrive in time to protect the King. The battle against Omelet begins, who is not himself present, but his voice asks questions and guides Corobo through a quiz. Each correct answer causes another layer of the egg to break apart.

Eggan Civilization Ruins

The Giant Egg after the battle

The final question asks who the true menace to the Worrywart Kingdom is: Corobo and his people attack the egg and crack open the final layer, to reveal Omelet inside, on a toilet surrounded by books, shut off from the rest of the world. He gives up the Kingdom and requests that he remains within the egg, on the conditions that Corobo understands exactly what the young king is doing and considers the implications of his actions. Omelet and Corobo ultimately conclude that no matter how much thinking, some answers are unobtainable, or pointless, bringing the anxiety analogy full circle.

After King Omelet is defeated, this area becomes the Eggan Civilization Ruins, and Alpoko becomes inhabited by a single Eggan. Many eggs then appear throughout the Kingdom, which can be broken by the Alpokian Eggan.

The music in the area is a slow cover of Dvorak's "Slavonic Dance No. 2."


During Omelet's Quiz battle, several other UMA appear as answers:



  • The Worrywart Kingdom is the only main kingdom to not include a Flying Machine part.


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